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Since 1968, when Don Risinger first cleaned windows at his grandmother's cafe using vinegar and newspaper, his journey in the window cleaning industry began.

In 1979, after moving to Austin, Texas, Don founded Dependable Window Cleaning Service. Initially catering to commercial clients like store fronts and buildings,

Don's path shifted when he serviced a beauty salon in Lakeway, Texas, and garnered requests from homeowners impressed by his reliable and quality service.

Over time, Don phased out his commercial clients to focus primarily on residential customers, recognizing his knack for providing personalized and friendly service to homeowners.

Dependable Window Cleaning Service has been family-owned and operated ever since, with Don's grandson now working alongside him. Today, we continue to prioritize efficient window cleaning that respects your valuable time, ensuring your windows sparkle without disrupting your daily routine.

We uphold the Gold Standard by meticulously focusing on every window we touch, ensuring that our quality remains unmatched.

We've been providing Continuous Service to the same homeowners for over 30 years.

Commitment to Excellence and integrity. It signifies our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, ethical business practices, and consistent quality.

We Understand the importance of pristine windows and strive to exceed expectations, ensuring your home shines with unparalleled quality.

Experience Matters. Since 1979, our team's expertise, honed over years, ensures your windows receive meticulous care and deliver exceptional results you can rely on.

How Often should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

In the scenic landscapes of West Austin and the Texas Hill Country,

we highly recommend regular residential window cleanings, ideally at least twice a year.

The gusts from caliche roads often stir up dust and pollen from the local juniper and oak trees, leading to a gradual buildup of grime on your windows.

If left unattended for six months, this grime can harden, making it more challenging and costly to remove.

For clients who prioritize pristine windows year-round, we offer quarterly cleanings, totaling four times annually.

In urban areas, additional pollutants like exhaust and smoke can further contribute to the buildup, necessitating more frequent cleanings to maintain clarity and cleanliness.

Meet The Team.

Don Risinger

Don's mastery of window cleaning is a testament to decades of dedication and skill.

Now, he's passing down timeless lessons and techniques to his grandson Jacob, ensuring that our tradition of excellence continues for generations to come.

Jacob Bowman

Austin's Window Cleaning Heritage

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